Uforutsett hendelse
Opprettet: 05.12.2016 09:18 Oppdatert: 06.12.2016 10:14

Oppdatering 12:55

The network issue has been addressed, which has restored connectivity. We're continuing to route SharePoint Online sites to read-write mode. We're monitoring this process closely to ensure full restoration. During this time, users will start to see gradual recovery.

Oppdatering 11:15

The service is still in read-only mode. We've restarted the network devices and are taking extra steps to check that this problem is repaired fully. In parallel, we're routing SharePoint Online sites back to read-write mode.

Microsoft meldte 08:15 at de opplever redusert tjeneste på Office 365 og Sharepoint.

Foreløpig status fra MS:
Due to the nature of the network connectivity degradation, our automated recovery system couldn't restore availability. We've rerouted the affected SharePoint Online sites to a read-only environment while we restart the affected network devices.